Jolijn Heesters

My name is Jolijn, 25 years old, and I’m currently finishing my last year of the bachelor Art History at Utrecht University. I’m specialized in the Middle Ages, actually, I always thought that the link between old and contemporary art was hard to find. Yet, I keep getting suprised by the universal processes of artists and people inspire. I realized that curiosity towards each other and each other’s expertize makes every type of art more exciting. I also believe that this can make art more accessible: by giving context to art objects, and by making art more tangible, art comes off its pedestal and becomes reachable for everyone. This is what I want to contribute together with FAAM.

You can find Jolijn on LinkedIn.

Luc Berendsen

Luc Berendsen (1999) studies Art History at Utrecht University, with a focus on contemporary media art, activism and the role of activism within an art space. For example, how has the role of art space changed over the last 50 years and how does activism fit into this? Luc is also interested in reducing the elitist character of art and making art more accessible for everyone. He is currently looking for a job where he can combine his practical knowledge with his passion for social critical art. This is also what he tries to bring to FAAM. With this, he tries to get art from as many artists as possible in as many places as possible, so that everybody has the chance to see it!

Je kunt Luc vinden op LinkedIn.

Vera Geldermans

Vera Geldermans (1997) just finished her bachelor Product Design at the HKU, the Utrecht School of Arts. Bringing creative minds together gives her engery. It creates an interaction that can lead to new ideas and projects. By offering artists and designers a spage, the public can get new or refreshed insights on the world.

In her own work, Vera is busy collecting material, but it can also be photography. Her work can be both 2d and 3d. She aways tries to create as much as possible and likes to experiment. After choosing her best experiments, she’ll look for a mold that fits best. It’s also possible that she therefore creates her own material. It fits Vera, she preferably keeps on finding and learning new things. Ze loves to learn a little bit of everything instead of becoming an expert in only one thing.

You can read more about Vera on her website.

Meral Maas – webdesign

Meral Maas – webdesign

Meral Maas (1995) is a fourth year Art History student at the University of Utrecht. With a big heart for Utrecht, modern art and everything related to food (see Keukenmuze). Her broad interests in varied subjects makes for an open and curious attitude towards new ways of thinking and experiences. That makes the minor Journalistiek en Kritiek (UvA) a right fit for her. FAAM matches Meral’s interests as well because of the active collaboration and involvement between Art History students and HKU students.

You can find Meral on LinkedIn.

Rosalie Woudman – Social Media

Rosalie Woudman – Social Media

Rosalie Woudman (1999) studied Art History at the University of Utrecht in the college year of 2018-2019, but decided to quit, because she did not only want to be busy with analysing art, but also wanted to put more energie in making art. This, for her, was the main reason to start studying Fine Arts and design in Education at the HKU. A happy decision so far. The connection between making and researching art is very important to her as well as interests her greatly. As a board member of FAAM, she hopes to actively contribute to the connection between practice and theory (University and HBO). Besides this she enjoys festivals, good music, long sunny (summer)days, animals and experimenting with vegetarian cooking. When life gets her down she can always be cheered up by a glass of white, red or rose wine.

You can find Rosalie on LinkedIn.

Nina Nijenhuis – Finances

Nina Nijenhuis – Secretary

Nina Nijenhuis (1994) finished her bachelor of Art History at the University of Utrecht and the master Art, Culture and Politics at the University of Amsterdam. Her love for art is immense, which is why she loves to visit interesting exhibitions. The (social) value of art is an important theme for Nina, also in her work. If Nina is not working or watching art, she enjoys doing yoga, cooking or reading books. Besides this she is a secretive (not so secretive) fervent collector, which makes her room a place in which there is always something new to discover.

You can find Nina on LinkedIn.

Annette Knol – Chairman

Annette Knol – Chairman

Annette Knol (1994) studied Art History at Utrecht University, specializing in modern and contemporary art and architecture. She is very interested in making connections between different parties and disciplines within the art world. Because of that, she obtained her Master’s degree in Book Studies at the University of Amsterdam, focusing on the connection between word and image. Why do painters sometimes start writing and why do so many writers choose fine art as a subject for their texts? What influence has an illustrator on a written text? It is this exciting exchange between disciplines which Annette is looking for by FAAM Utrecht. Stepping outside your comfortable room, out into someone else’s world: that always works refreshing! 

Annette is on LinkedIn.