Form March 23 to 26 FAAM, De Kleine Kunstkamer and De Maakruimte organize Licht/Donker (translated: Light/Dark): an exhibition with an interactive programme held at the bustling place De Havenloods, Utrecht.

In this exhibition, we unite people who explore the dark depths of our minds and makers with makers with bright dreams for the future. From Black Holes in space to the effect of light pollution on our society, from long nights out with friends to colorful utopias. Together, we explore Licht/Donker.

Come by and see how young makers and thinkers from Utrecht explore, visualize and deepen the theme. Together we move from light to dark, from dark to light. Wander through open corridors of the Havenloods, past colorful collages with black and white drawings of landscapes or photos that highlights everyday objects that otherwise might escape your notice. Dwell on questions: How is light captured in paint? How does sound affect our image? What remains in the dark and which subjects come to light? Dive deeper into the subject during live interviews, a panel discussion or a guided tour.

Young makers and thinkers from Utrecht

In this exhibition, we bring together young makers and thinkers from Utrecht. We offer them a platform and shape the exhibition together. Young makers – from HKU students to recent graduates – show work that touches on the theme Light/Dark, which may be technical, thematic or both. From sculpture to illustration, photography, performance and interesting crossovers: all media are welcome. We further explore Light/Dark in an in-depth program with young thinkers. From a guided tour in the night to keynotes or a panel discussion.


Dewi MacDonald (Instagram), Eline Boerma (website), Finouk Datthijn (website), Janneke Veerman (Instagram), Joeri Boelhouwer (website), Jor Broeder (website), Katelijne Olie (Instagram), Katpatat (Instagram), Laura van Daalen (website), Laurie Drew Instagram, Lisa Brouns (website), Loes ten Den (Instagram), Marlin van Ek (Instagram), Marloes Roeper Instagram, Ron Smits (Instagram), Sabrina Schoop (Instagram), Studio Spés (website), Vera en Wies (Instagram) en Victor Dissel (Instagram)


Cécile Steenman, Edita Aleksanian, Fiona Karl (LinkedIn), Lena van der Poel (LinkedIn), Lotte Kremer (LinkedIn), Pleun Oosterwouder, Rik America, Roelant van der Steen (LinkedIn) en Romée van Oosterbrugge (LinkedIn).


Co-creation is an important concept for the organization of Licht/Dark. In the build up to the exhibition, several co-creation sessions will be organized so that the makers and thinkers are actively involved in shaping the exhibition and the program. The degree of involvement and cooperation is up to the participants to determine.


A detailed program will follow soon.

Stay tuned

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