Intiem (translated ‘intimate’) is a project by Stichting FAAM in collaboration with the GGD region Utrecht and the municipality of Utrecht. The waiting room of the sexual health department in the Stadskantoor has recently been redecorated, and this stimulated FAAM to organize a quarterly exhibition in which love, sexuality and sexual pleasure are the central themes. The project stimulates young art historians and artists to work together.

Second exhibition: Individuele intimiteit (individual intimicy)

In the second exhibition (September to January) the work of artist Nadia Marouf (1993) is at display. Her work is accompanied by a text written by art historian Evi Mijnster (1999). Read below what she has to say:

Intimacy plays an important role in the works of Nadia Marouf (1993). With her photography series For the Love of Touch (2019), she explores personal intimacy. This individual and intimate experience is achieved by framing the images and zooming in on specific details. Nadia shows us that we do not always need another person to be intimate. We can also love ourselves without ‘the other’. Warm colors and earthly tones dominate her work, causing a strong, more intimate perception. The texture of materials and the feelings that are evoked when touching them are also important aspects in the works of Nadia. The artwork depicted on the front of this card almost makes you feel the pink inflatable tube underneath your fingertips.

First exhibition: Het bloeit vanbinnen (it flourishes inside)
Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is IMG_5069-min-1024x683.jpg

In the first exhibition (July to September) FAAM shows the work of artists Lucas Braak (2001) and Jennifer Knuchel (2001), accompanied by a text by art historian Cécile Steenman (1999). You can read her text below:

The artworks in front of you give you a look into the life of Lucas Braak (2001). Braak is a queer artist and Jennifer Knuchel’s (the maker of the photographs) (2001) muse. What started as a friendship flourished into a romantic relationship. The photographs and illustrations tell their story through a separate lenses. The works are brave and personal and grew from a bond of trust between Knuchel and Braak. They ask the following questions: How do you treat your body and your past? And how do you show this to the outside world?