FAAM, Regionaal Archief Zuid-Utrecht (RAZU), Amerongen Castle and the Waterliniemuseum present: EUREKA! 💡An interdisciplinary exhibition where art, architecture, archives and science come together and reinforce each other.

Invention, innovation, and progress begin with curious minds. That is why this year’s theme for History Month (Maand van de Geschiedenis) revolves around the theme: Eureka! The month October is dedicated to the alphas and the betas, the bookworms, the explorers, and the creative individuals who, driven by boundless curiosity, propel science and the world forward.

In this project, 12 young artists and researchers from Utrecht collaborated to work in groups on three fascinating locations: the Regionaal Archief Zuid-Utrecht (RAZU), Amerongen Castle, and the Waterliniemuseum. Over the summer, three researchers – an art history student, a graduate in architectural history, and a mathematician – delved into their collections. Their discoveries served as inspiration for nine contemporary local artists to create new works. Together, they shaped the exhibition.

Starting from October 1st, the exhibition can be admired at the Waterliniemuseum, Amerongen Castle and the library of Wijk bij Duurstede. EUREKA! is a contemporary triptych that showcases the new creations, complemented by the old collection pieces and personal “aha” moments!




Amerongen Castle