Eureka! Open call artists

FAAM, Regionaal Archief Zuid-Utrecht (RAZU), Amerongen Castle and the Waterliniemuseum present: EUREKA! 💡An interdisciplinary exhibition where art and science come together and reinforce each other.

October 2023 marks the theme of the Maand van de Geschiedenis (the Month of History): Eureka! Invention, innovation, and progress begin with curious minds. That is why this October is dedicated to the alphas and the betas, the bookworms, the explorers, and the creative individuals who, driven by boundless curiosity, propel science and the world forward.

In line with this, we are organizing an interdisciplinary exhibition where art and science converge and enhance each other.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

FAAM is looking for 9 artists and 3 thinkers who are eager to collectively gather, share, and visualize the stories about these captivating locations. The project begins with 3 thinkers, each conducting research on (and within!) one of the three locations. Which archival document sparks their interest? Which story about Amerongen Castle captivates them? What will they discover at the Waterline Museum?

The thinkers will share their research with 9 artists from various disciplines (such as performance, installation, painting, photography). In groups of 4 (1 thinker, 3 artists), you will collaboratively create new works inspired by these findings. These works will be exhibited during the Month of History.

Perhaps you will fill the niches in the old Amerongen Castle with small artworks, utilize the space at the Waterline Museum for video art, or make the invisible visible at RAZU.

EUREKA! offers:

🧡 The opportunity to create new work in collaboration with young academics

🧡 Guidance from the organization, which includes a minimum of 3 interactive sessions where we get to know each other and provide process guidance.

🧡 Space to discover these locations.

🧡 An exhibition at the sites of one these historical locations during the Maand van de Geschiedenis, including a festive opening of course. 

🧡 An artist fee of €400,- 

Criteria participation:

🤍 You create visual artwork. From sculpture to animation, photography, performance, and audiovisual: all media are welcome.

💜 You are available between July and October, at least on the following dates:

  • 19 June (evening)
  • 28 August (evening)

Keep in mind that most of the workload of creating artworks will take place in September.

🧡 You are an artist linked to Utrecht. For example, you study in the region of Utrecht, lives in Utrecht and/or have a studio in Utrecht.

🧡 You are a young artist. You study for example at the HKU, Grafisch Lyceum or Nimeto, have recently graduated, or have been self-taught for a maximum of 5 years.

💚 You are eager to collaborate with young academics.

Has your interested been sparked? Sign up by June 9th at the latest!

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