Beeldbrug episode 5: Trix and Sanne

Image left: Child Studio, Casa Plenaire, in collaboration with the brand Plenaire, bedroom with view of sea, 2020, 3D rendering.
Image right: Trix Berendsen, Untitled, exhibited in bedroom of the artist, 2020, Collages from paper with inkjet print, two oranges and a lemon.

You are walking barefoot through the house, the sand is chafing between your toes. Some people only manage to unwind when they go on vacation, away from their daily worries. The light is different, there are reassuring sounds, the tastes there are always better. The portokali orange, the sweet kind that should not be confused with the sour nerantzia, grows abundantly on this island. While you slide the juicy spheres under your heels, you think of how you have not worn closed shoes in weeks.

The fragment above outlines the ideal that the work of Trix Berendsen connects with the 3D rendering by Child Studio. The orange collage as well as the fictitious vacation villa are designed in the spring of 2020 during the corona crisis. The idea of being housebound for a longer period of time makes one long for a different place.
Meanwhile, the house in both works is elevated to a holy place, where we feel safe and with some luck come to self-development. There were we slide citrus fruits under the heel of our foot, just because we can. Or where we return to basics, a personal retreat from the outside world.

But what happens when you can not experience this room for real? Casa Plenaire by Child Studio is a search for the ideal vacation resort, but only exists in fictitious images. The works in 3D renderings on a more artistic, painterly and tangible way is coming and results in images that transcend the aesthetic of real life. The 3D rendering combines multiple disciplines like interior design, architecture, conceptual art and internet art. In her collages Berendsen also plays with different disciplines and media. Layers of fictitious and tactile, of original and reproduction cross each other. Because of this the work loses materialism, but just like Casa Plenaire shows, that is not always a bad thing.

written by Sanne van Drenth