Beeldbrug episode 3: Annebel Vernooij and Lotte Bosch

Image 1 left: aaing j gni aa, Barry Flanagan, multidisciplinary (e.g. paint, fabric, plastic), 1965. (photograph: Tate
Image 2 right: Qawas, Annebel Vernooij, steel and acrylics, varying dimensions (from 50 x 70 cm to 150 x 230 cm), 2020 (photograph: Annebel Vernooij

Accidental organisms discovered in art.

It is rare, but to the lucky artist it happens once or twice in his or her working life: the discovery of a new species. In 2018 this happened to Annebel Vernooij. She discoverd the Qawas, a genderless organism, which reproduces by something named ‘Djes‘. The Qawas is a skinny, leggy creature that takes on different bright colors as it grows larger (image 2). The claylike structure of the legs of the Qawas contributes to the apparent fragility and cuteness of this species. However, regardless of the amount of legs, the Qawas stands just as firmly on sand as on concrete. The green, yellow and blue Qawas form an endearing company.
Vernooij focused on this new, exceptional creature in her graduation project from the HKU (image 3). The results can be read and seen in a real encyclopedia, completely dedicated to the new species.

Image 3: Artists and researches. Annebel Vernooij working while surrounded by the Qawas-family (still from video about Qawas, Annebel Vernooij,

The Qawasfamily shows a large similarity with the aaing j gn aa, which was discovered by accident in 1965 by the artist Barry Flanagan, who was still a student, just like Vernooij in 2018. Aaing j gn aa consists of five parts, consisting of different materials which also gives you the urge to pet it (image 1). The organic shapes of both the sole parts as well as the ensemble underline the coincidence of the discovery and the lucky meeting of the five organisms. After the revelation of aaing j gn aa and his graduation in 1966, Flanagan focused solely on finding new shapes and materials in nature and in art. He worked in a completely authentic, free, but most of all lively way. From this work arose, among others, a series of bronze hares, of which one has been sitting pontifically while deep in thought on the busy Neude.

The extent and the nature of the oeuvre of a fearless fantast such as Flanagan makes one most of all curious of the discoveries and creations yet to come from the young Annebel Vernooij. With her recent finding and extensive research of the Qawas, she has already proven herself to be a pioneer. All we can do now, is wait for the next discovery…

written by Lotte Bosch