Amerongen Castle

Amerongen Castle is a 17th-century mansion with a rich history spanning over 700 years. The castle was inhabited by noble families who frequently held significant roles in diplomatic and military positions for the Dutch Republic.

This summer, 3 researchers, under the guidance of FAAM, delved into the history and archives of these fascinating locations. Architectural historian Sanne van Drenth became captivated by the history of Amerongen Castle. She examined the castle with the theories of Pieter Hoexum about the concept of ‘home’ in mind. When are you truly at home? And when did the residents of Castle Amerongen feel at home? It meant that the notion of ‘privacy’ was quite different from what it is today.

The castle not only provided protection for noble families but also served as a workplace for servants. Sanne imagines how the servants tried to create a sense of home in a place where they also carried out their duties, while the nobility sought to retreat in accommodations designed to impress potential visitors.

With her research, Sanne set the stage for three young artists: Aina Roca Mora, Teri de Wit, and Rosalie Woudman. They created new works inspired by Valerie’s research.