About us

FAAM Utrecht is a foundation with the objective to connect theory and practice. We feel that contact between the Art history department from  Utrecht University and the education programs from HKU is essential, because the various students in the professional practice will often have to rely on each other. The students from the various educations can learn from each other as well as inspire one another. FAAM Utrecht bridges the gap between these two worlds.

FAAM is convinced that approaching the artworld in an collaborative manner contributes to inventive creativity. Besides, the collaboration results in various online and offline event, such as exhibition routes and video projects. FAAM is continually exploring new ways to connect en present.


The projects of FAAM Utrecht are funded through donations. Do you want to make a donation? That is possible via NL53 ABNA 0101 5543 32 in the name of FAAM Utrecht.


Do you have questions about our projects? Do you want to collaborate with us? Send an e-mail to faamutrecht@gmail.com