About us

FAAM is a project-driven initiative led by young artists and researchers from Utrecht, who feel there’s a lack of space in the region to showcase their work, to connect and collaborate in interdisciplinary projects. FAAM sees that young artists and researchers are underrepresented in the region, let alone that we are making use of their collaborative potential.

FAAM bridges the gap between theory and practice, art/research and society, with the aim of making a positive impact on social questions. FAAM offers young talent the experimental platform that they are looking for, cultural and societal institutions the experimental gaze they are longing for.

We offer participants a trajectory (per project) in which young talent develops interdisciplinary skills, using them to make a change on an urgent topic. Young artists and researchers join forces to address complex problems and propose solutions.


The projects of FAAM Utrecht are funded through donations. Do you want to make a donation? That is possible via NL53 ABNA 0101 5543 32 in the name of FAAM Utrecht.


Do you have questions about our projects? Do you want to collaborate with us? Send an e-mail to faamutrecht@gmail.com