FAAM dreams big and FAAM is growing fast – that’s why we have two new extra FAAM members! The projects we undertake are becoming larger, more diverse, and more interdisciplinary. Approximately 30 young creators and thinkers from Utrecht participated in the Licht/Donker exhibition, which took place at the end of March. Together, they co-created the exhibition with our guidance. In addition, FAAM is participating in the Development and Experimentation (link in Dutch) program of the Cultural Innovation Fund to explore how we can facilitate effective interdisciplinary collaboration among young creators and thinkers (artists and scientists). This research aims to develop a well-founded collaboration method that can be applied beyond the art and culture sector. In collaboration with the Regionaal Archief Zuid-Utrecht (RAZU), Kasteel Amerongen and the Waterliniemuseum, we will start the Eureka! project in the middle of the year. It is an interdisciplinary exhibition that brings together art and science to complement and strengthen each other.