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Update FAAM Utrecht 2020 | Bij de Nijverheid

Anyone who has seen the press conference can probably see this coming. Sadly we cannot let FAAM Utrecht 2020 take place under the new regulations. We are incredibly sad and disappointed by this, but staying healthy is the most important right now. We want to thank our participants, our partners, our sponsors and everyone who supported us. Hold onto that enthusiasm, because it’s safe again, FAAM will return!


Update FAAM Utrecht 2020 | Bij de Nijverheid

FAAM Utrecht 2020 should have taken place on the 22nd of May. Because of the well known COVID-19 measures, the physical event is postponed until further notice. Therefore, FAAM is looking for other ways to connect the two worlds – HBO and University – with each other and the outside world.
FAAM thinks that even now connection is possible. 

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About us

About us

FAAM Utrecht is a foundation with the objective to connect theory and practice. We feel that contact between the Art history department from  Utrecht University and the education programs from HKU is essential, because the various students in the professional practice will often have to rely on each other.

The students from the various educations can learn from each other as well as inspire one another. FAAM Utrecht bridges the gap between these two worlds.

FAAM is convinced that approaching the artworld in an collaborative manner contributes to inventive creativity. Besides, the collaboration results in a super fun event! FAAM Utrecht quite literally has students come together. Student rooms are transformed into exhibition spaces for just one day.  During the academic year, the couples get to know each other’s practices. The Art History students open up their rooms and the HKU-students fill up the resulting pop-up exhibition spaces with their artwork. The Art History students reflect on the artworks by writing a catalogue text or producing a podcast. The collaboration culminates in a one-day physical event where visitors get around the exhibition spaces by following the exhibition route.

Video by Catalina Papari & Simona Evstatieva (UU)

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KVK number: 76572765